Hello Blogging World!
I am actually very excited that I finally decided to get this blog going! I, like most of you, am an avid reader and figured it was time to share my thoughts with those who love to read just as much as I do! I have been a follower of the blogger community for some time now and I have found many new authors that I would never have come across had it not been for some of you blogs! I want to be able to do that with someone else!
I have also been able to connect with some of my favorite authors on here, like Lori Foster! I swear I can die happy now simply because I was able to have a conversation with her about her amazing stories! It's things like that, that lead me to decide to was time to get this going!
I know it is going to take awhile to get this blog where I want it, but I am determined! I look forward to any advice that anyone feels like they want to throw my way! I also look forward to getting to know all of you! I have seen the kind of friendships that can come from doing something like this and I am really relishing the fact that I can connect with people who love this as much as I do!
Sorry if this was kind of "rambly," but I am sure you can understand my excitement!