#BookBlogWriMo! 11/2 - How You Read

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November 2nd - How You Read
Oh let me count the ways.
In bed, snuggled up with my blanket.
Hardbacks, Paperbacks and Kindle books.
I read on the porch when the weather is just nice.
I sometimes curl up on the couch with a good book when I have some quiet time.
I read on my lunch break at work - Kindle, of course.
When using hardback and paperback, I MUST use a bookmark! It bugs me to end when people flip the top of a page over to mark their spot. Don't ruin the book! (yes, I know this is just MY opinion! lol)
When using the Kindle I bookmark often! I also tend to highlight things and make little notes in the margins. Sometimes the notes are about the story and sometimes I am leaving myself notes on things I want to add in my review. I LOVE the share button on the Kindle. I find myself sharing quotes and parts of stories all the time, simply because I find them amazing! 
I have learned that the best time for me to read is when everyone else is sleeping. There is nothing worse than getting to an amazing part of the story, just to be interrupted and unable to finish! OMGOSH I HATE THAT! It also gives me time to leave myself those notes and things. I try to take the most away from a story as I can, and I find it's better to do without any distractions.
What about YOU? How do you read? 
I'd love to hear all about it!
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