#BookBlogWriMo! 11/3 - Where You Read

This challenge will take place during the month of November.
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Day 3: Where You Read
This is an EASY one! The BEST PLACE EVER TO READ - is my bed!
Like I said in the other post, I do tons of my reading at night when everyone is sleeping.
This is where my Kindle comes in handy! This way, I don't have to have a lamp or anything on while I read.. I can just pull out the Kindle, snuggle up with the blank and lose myself in the book!
Which, I totally plan to do tonight!
Often times I also find it nice to curl up on the couch with a good book.
I miss my old house because it had a fire place and I had this amazingly comfy chair right in front of it. I mean come on, what sounds better than that?!
If I REALLY want some time to myself - I grab a book from the shelf, run a nice bubble bath - grab a glass of wine, and relax in said bubble bath while I read. Seriously; it's relaxing. If you haven't tried this, I totally suggest you do so!
What about YOU? Where do you read?
I'd love to hear all about it!
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